The Foundation for  Civilizational Transformation
and Conscious Evolution

is at present the only private corporate body in the world,
dedicated to the increasingly urgent task of
Civilizational Transformation and Conscious Evolution.
It focuses on the areas of
educating and preparing individuals and organizations
and providing training for Cosmic Process Perception,
Climate Change Responses,
Disaster Risk Perception and Management,
Designing Habitat for Collective Individual Living,
Sustainable Civilization,
and Templates and Training for Civilized Conduct
and norms for Planetary Guidance and Good Governance,
and for transitions from the organizational structure
of the hierarchical pyramid
to the network and its holarchies.
At its simplest level this consists of new ways to live,
new lives and livelihoods for each individual
and a new world for all.
The Foundation works towards the generation of
Virtual Survival Platforms (VSPs),
Geographical Survival Platforms (GSPs),
Sustainable Communities (SUSKIES),
Resilient Cities, Survival Systems and Supply Chains,
Global Roadmaps to Sustainable Civilization, and
the estimation and constant updating of possible time frames
within which this transformation may be made to occur.

The Foundation for Civilizational Transformation
and Conscious Evolution

accepts Individual, Organizational, Corporate, Regional,
and Global Consultancies in the areas of 
Climate Change Responses
Disaster Risk Perception and Management,
Design for Sustainable Civilization 
Habitat for Collective Individual Living
and for Resilient Cities, Survival Systems and Supply Chains
and Processes of Planetary Guidance.
It also accepts Teaching Assignments
and Academic Course Design
 in the areas of
Civilizational Transformation and Conscious Evolution
as a response to the dynamics of Cosmic, Galactic, Solar
and Planetary Processes, the training of individuals interested in
the transformation of their individual perceptual processes
and the design and initiation of network based processes of
Mass Perceptual Modification

The Foundation understands that
the continued survival of the species Homo sapiens
through civilizational transformation and conscious evolution
requires process generated and guided training 
in new ways of perceiving the world, thinking and behaving
that can generate new ways to live,
new lives and livelihoods for each individual and
a new world for all. 
Academics, Researchers
and Activists

Mohan Munasinghe

Jeremy Rifkin

Jeff Sachs

Neva Goodwin

Lester Brown

Iain McGillchrist

Peter D Ward

William F Ruddiman

Bill McKibben

James Hansen

Curt Stager

Florin Diacu

Joseph A Tainter

Tad Patzek

Carolyn Baker

Colonel Nagar M Verma

Aric McBay

Lierre Keith

Derrick Jensen

Dennis Meadows

Ervin Laszlo

Harald Welzer

Rachel Carson

Donella Meadows