The concept of homo sapiens consciously becoming aware of the species support and survival systems on which it depends and working towards the rendering of these systems resilient and sustainable so that as many individual homo sapiens as possible may survive climate change is our concept and along with virtual and geographical survival platforms and mass perceptual modification is the primary global climate change response that we advocate. We advocate the dedication of all available resources to the generation of these elements that we believe may form the foundations of a sustainable future and so invite all those who believe that a sustainable future is possible to join in the task of rendering these systems and their supply chains resilient and sustainable.

1.Power Generation Systems
2.Communication Systems
3.Food & Agricultural Systems
4.Waste Recycling Systems
5.Manufacturing and Transport systems
6.Social Support Systems
7.Training, Education and Research Systems
8.Health Systems
9.Surgical and Medical Systems
10.Planetary Guidance Systems